Six things I have learned about my grandmother since I posted The last time I saw my grandmother I was 7

  1. She had photo albums of me and my siblings
  2. She raised, loved and cared for my cousin
  3. She used to read cards for people
  4. She had severe culture shock when she first moved to NZ from the UK, and had a nervous breakdown
  5. Her husband (my grandfather) was an alcoholic
  6. She and my cousin were very poor,  but she made sure my cousin never knew

The night after my post, my cousin M and I messaged for hours.  We had years to catch up on.  We compared what we knew and found out what we didn’t know.  I’m really happy she felt so loved by my grandmother – hearing that was healing, somehow.  I must have imagined this, but that night I felt as if I could feel my grandmother around me as I went to sleep.

Being estranged from BitchGrandma, which is who she’s been in my mind for 32 years,  was one thing.   Learning she was not?  Sucks.

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