I wrote a PRO and CON list of the reasons to go no contact with my parents.  There are 28 reasons to do it.  There are 2 reasons not to do it.   I was going to post it,  but I realised I’m done being a victim.  *I* know what happened, so do my sibs.     I can reduce the 28 points into one, simple, message.  The one thing I’ve been waiting to hear all these years.

  • Acknowledge what you did
  • Say sorry
  • Just fucking say sorry.  SERIOUSLY.  Jeeze.

There.   Admitting what you did and saying sorry = you care about the other person more than your own ego.

Not doing it.  That’s a choice.




If I cut them off, I’m repeating the past.   One hundred years of estrangement.  It’s like the title of a Mexcian novel. It’s how long the estrangement meme has been repeating in my family like some virus. One hundred years.

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